jEdit 2.2.1 syntax highlighting package


I am placing the jEdit 2.2.1 syntax highlighting package in the public
domain. This means it can be integrated into commercial programs, etc.

This package requires at least Java 1.1 and Swing 1.1. Syntax
highlighting for the following file types is supported:

- C++, C
- Eiffel
- Java
- Java properties
- JavaScript
- MS-DOS batch files
- Makefile
- Perl
- Python
- TeX
- Transact-SQL
- Unix patch/diff
- Unix shell script

This package is undocumented; read the source (start by taking a look at to find out how to use it; it's really simple. Feel
free to e-mail questions, queries, etc. to me, but keep in mind that
this code is very old and I no longer maintain it. So if you find a bug,
don't bother me about it; fix it yourself.

* Copyright

The jEdit 2.2.1 syntax highlighting package contains code that is
Copyright 1998-1999 Slava Pestov, Artur Biesiadowski, Clancy Malcolm,
Jonathan Revusky, Juha Lindfors and Mike Dillon.

You may use and modify this package for any purpose. Redistribution is
permitted, in both source and binary form, provided that this notice
remains intact in all source distributions of this package.

-- Slava Pestov
25 September 2000