Adding JDBC Drivers

In order to use Universal SQL Tools, you will require at least one set of JDBC drivers to connect to your database.

Universal SQL Tools will find and load any JDBC drivers as they are needed by a connection. This is done using a dynamic class loader that uses a list of JAR files as its classpath. In order to use the drivers, you must import them into the application. Universal SQL Tools will store the JAR file in a location on your driver where it can find them again later.

To add a JDBC driver:

  1. Set up a database, and aquire the JDBC Drivers for it.
  2. Click Tools and then Drivers...
  3. Click the Import button
  4. Select the JDBC Driver JAR file
  5. Click the Open button
  6. Click the Ok button
Your new JDBC Drivers are now ready for use. Simply define a new Server Definition and start working.

The location of the JAR files can be changed in the Options Dialog under Paths & Directories tab. By using a shared directory for the drivers, a single copy might be used in a multiple developer environment. This would make configuration management somewhat simpler as there would only ever be one set of drivers to keep updated., Universal SQL Tools.
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